These past 3 weeks have been hard on me, just leaving now to head home from Reno, NV. I’ve been getting treatments here the past 3 weeks. I now will be coming out just once a month , 1 day for the next 3 months. Andrea McGee Marshall and my family has been a huge support to me while I’ve been here. It’s been very lonely and some very long days here in Reno, NV.

Good news my blood work has been coming back very good. They have been surprised with me having Colon Cancer. So I feel I’ve been very blessed to have had Appendix Cancer to give me my wakeup call to get treatments started.

We will not do any scans until mid July to make sure this is gone and that I can have an NED (No Evidence of Disease). If it still wants to hang with me by then I have a plan C to make sure I can kill it.

I know I will get through this. I have to say thank you to you all for the Love, Support, Prayers, Fasting, Dinners, Money, and ❤️anything else you all have helped us out with. Thank you, I will do my part to pay it forward. I am happy to share with anyone what I’ve been doing the past few months and the next few months. It hasn’t been easy but I have life I still want to live. Thank you!!! I love you all.