I started this Blog post back on March 10, when I was in Reno, NV the first time after getting my Chemo treatment that day. It’s been a long time coming, but here we go.

I get this question everyday, “Aaron, how can you have cancer and be so positive?”, and “You have such a positive outlook on life and this whole situation?”  Good question, and I am here to share with you all how I do it, and how you can too.  Mindset, and Power of your mind with knowledge. In my last post, my wife asked me to look at my situation like a business, my business right now personally is to live, to stay alive, and overcome this disease that I have. She wanted me to look at this as an investment, and like a business (she knows how to push me ?), since we were spending ten’s of thousands of dollars into my health (Well over $150k to date, no joke). So I did, And WOW what I found and now know, well just say it blew me away. Well keep that for another day.

This is what I did, I stepped back and thought to myself, What do I have control over?  What I eat, what I put into my body (chemo, and other meds), and what I do as alternative treatments.  What Doctors I choose to see, what I intake into my mind.  So I went off to take control of each of these items I have control over.

I had a friend ask me just the other day this same question to me. He said “Aaron I know your prognosis, how do you do this?”  I have 3 kids, a wonderful wife (that proof reads these blogs posts for me each and every time I post a blog) that loves me, and she is my ROCK. I have an AWESOME business, and business partners I choose to be in business with all across the country.  I told him, and I tell others I have TOO MUCH to live for.  I WANT to LIVE, I WANT to experience this life with my wife, family and kids.  I have created a great life for myself, that I want to LIVE.  I know what my prognosis is, I don’t share this with anyone. Yes, you can look it up on the internet. I don’t care to know it, I don’t want you to tell me, I don’t want to talk about it.  Instead I choose to talk about what I can do to be a part of the 1-2% of the people with what I have that just beat the HELL out of this disease and survived. What did they do to BEAT THIS? I don’t want to be normal, I don’t want to be another stat good or bad. (And I am not a stat any longer since I no longer doing full-dose chemo) I don’t care. What do I have to do to be that 1-2% success that just wipe this out of their system quickly and FAST. I looking for a NED ASAP

Research what others have done to heal themselves, What did they do.  (Do this in business, no different as to do this in life, or with my health).  That is my RAD (rip off & duplicate) I have been doing this for 20 years, I follow what others do and how they make their money how are they successful, well I just changed this up a little and put it to my health. I started to talk and research how people with what I have, lived.  What did they do, what did they eat, what treatments they do, what supplements did they take.  I am doing those things.  I will share just a little here at the end of what some of these are, but I am not trying to heal anyone. I am simply sharing my story, and my journey.

I know I needed to talk control of this as much as I can, and that is what I feel like I have done.  Since the November 26 when I found out that I had cancer I knew I needed to change my eating habits.  I am almost 100% Vegan, I am Glutten Free, Dairy free, soy free, sugar free.  I would recommend anyone having any health issues to try this. I have been feeling great, as I have been eating so healthly. I have lost A LOT of weight, back opn Nov 01, when I started having pain from my appendix I weighted in at 217 lbs.  Today I weight in at 152 lbs. Yes I have LOST a lot of weight, down from a XL shirts to Med, from a 36 waist to a 28-30 waist.  This has not been my goal.  I have tried for years to lose weight and to get down to 180-190 lbs, but just didn’t have the drive and motivation to do get this done.  Today I do, have the drive and motivation to survive and stay alive.

I take over 65 pills a day, from 2 pills I take as soon as I wake up, to about 25 pills for breakfast, 9 pills at lunch, and then another 25 pills for Dinner, and then an other 3 pills just before bed. A lot of these pills are repurpose pills, they are manufactured for one thing, and we are now using them for other ways to fight cancer. These are proven to work to fight against cancer with others, but then cancer is different with everyone, from our genes to our blood and just how different our bodies are.

When it goes to the tumors, which I have had a few, from the appendix, colon, and in my liver tumors. I had the appendix tumor removed back on November 12, 2019 last year, and then on February 13 had 1/3 of the right side of my colon removed. And now working on my liver and trying to get this elimated out of liver either my what I am currently doing with alternative or if I need to cut it out. Not sure what this means and what the process is, or what the entire process is.  Will find out more next week, when I do a scan and meet with the liver surgen on this.

Chemo, WOW where do I start with this crap.  I hate it, I wish I never had to put any chemo into my body, and at this point that I never want to put any more into my body. If you have never done any chemo before, I can’t tell you how it makes me feel. Than, it can tell it is harming my body, and with full dose with normal oncologist I could I was killing myself or my body. That is why back in January I had to quit the high dose chemo.

Wanted to share with you all, some of the Alternative Treatments that I have been doing over the past few months.   I purchased a Oxygen Chamber, I work on getting in this about every other day for about 60-90 minutes. I also try to do 2 – vitamin C IV bags every week, and then I do many many other things too.